Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Morrison's Address

There are some creations that are immutably prophetic.  Songs, books, speeches, observations. Precisely, the Creators of the works themselves.

Among the examples I’d consider such as Shakespeare’s Tomorrow, and Gaye’s, concept album, Toni Morrison's Nobel Lecture in Literature Address is a stunning model that marks recent events.  Presented to the Swedish Academy on December 7, 1993, this timeless lecture “autopsyizes” language down to its wounds on society; its healing abilities; and its maintenance of humanity, contingent on the choices we have made and will make with the language that is in our hands.  When I heard the audio edition of this lecture, I gathered from it the way in which language as anything else, beautiful and meaningful can fall and become dead if handled irresponsibly.

Addressing the dark side of language that oppresses and incites violence, the timeliness and timelessness of this lecture has been manifested by youth’s irreverent outbursts on public transits, schoolyards, and malls requiring shutdowns, to physical unrests across the nation.  The words in this speech are timelessly echoed, as unfortunate wars are provoked with instigative language stirring raids and riots decade after decade.      

After the address, enchantingly told as a story – allowing sage and youth to assert their views – it was the accountability offered to both that I found most tender in lieu of blaming the youth.  From it, I deemed a need for elders to share their historical struggles with young to groom consciousness.